Reconstruction method of office workers’ nutritional balance

Reconstruction method of office workers’ nutritional balance

Box lunch: You do n’t have to go downstairs to eat meals with meat and vegetables. It is really tempting for office workers who carry it.

However, the box lunch takes a long time from the moment the cooking is completed until someone touches it, and the nutrients of the vegetables pass through.

As a result, salt and fat in box lunches often exceed standards, while leafy vegetables are insufficient.

Excessive long-term diet metabolism can lead to obesity, susceptibility to hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia.

Improvement method: It is recommended to bring your own fruits as a supplement every day, and it is best to eat it about 1 hour after lunch. Green leafy vegetables should be eaten by dinner.

According to the loved ones in the box lunch family, you can bring your own braised eggs, ready-to-eat soy products and fresh radishes, tomatoes, and cucumbers to supplement the lack of absorption of protein, minerals, vitamins and cellulose.

  Spicy people: spicy hot pot, red oil hot pot, spicy grilled wings.
Taking advantage of lunch break, convening a few spicy colleagues to have a great meal together is really appetizing and happy.

However, eating too much spicy food does not irritate the gastrointestinal mucosa, but may also cause symptoms such as fire and constipation.

Improvement method: Be sure to choose cold vegetables such as bitter gourd, bitter chrysanthemum, lettuce and so on to reduce the fire caused by excessive spicy food.

After returning to the office, you can eat some acid-rich fruits containing organic acids, cellulose and other substances to accelerate fermentation and peristalsis, and help people who eat peppers to nourish the yin and dryness, among which grapefruit is good.

You can also drink a cup of green tea, which is refreshing and relieves tiredness.

  Snacks: Most of them are young women. First, it is convenient to plan, and second, they want to lose weight. They only supplement lunch with snacks and fruits.

This is the most damaging of all lunch types.

Insufficient nutrition can lead to malnutrition and decreased immunity over time. Irregular eating habits can easily cause metabolic disorders in the body, which are beautiful but lose health.

Improvement: Choose snacks with high nutritional value and easy digestion, such as 10-15 nuts, a bag of oatmeal, a cup of yogurt or a fruit, and a small piece of dark chocolate.

It should also be noted that eating snacks cannot affect meals, snacks are only used to substitute insufficient food for three meals.

  Cafeteria: The hygiene of the cafeteria and the quality of the meals are guaranteed. You can also eat fresh leafy vegetables.

For self-service, the number of food choices is the key, one staple, one meat or fish, one fruit, three vegetables, reducing the energy needed to cope with afternoon activities.

For ordering, it may be simple and easy to get tired.

Remedy: Eat some fruit appetizers half an hour before lunch, and drink yogurt after meals to promote digestion. It is very useful for office workers who sit in front of the computer after lunch and are no longer active, and are prone to indigestion or slight accumulation.