Don’t ignore the details of eating healthy paste

Don’t ignore the details of eating “healthy paste”

Nowadays, in some supermarkets, millet, corn, buckwheat, glutinous rice, black rice, brown rice, oatmeal, peanuts and other foods are sold together with powder, even almonds, Shouwu, Codonopsis, Angelica, Pueraria and other herbs have been hit.Broken in the food.
These good foods, as long as you go home and add water to boil, can become a delicious paste, in many people’s eyes, this paste is a convenient and nutritious food.
  This kind of health paste does have many advantages. First of all, because the food has been powdered, it is easier to digest and the absorption efficiency will be improved. It is a good food for elderly friends with digestive dysfunction and inadequate chewing.Secondly, we can match a variety of raw materials according to our own preferences, to achieve “diversity of diet”, which is conducive to balanced nutrition, protein complementarity and synergy of nutrients; once again, health paste is easy to make, saves time and effort, someThe health powder can even be washed directly with boiling water; in addition, no fresh food additives are added to these freshly ground health powders.
  However, eating a health paste, if you do not pay attention to some details, it is likely to be counterproductive!
  ■养生粉保存不当,会加速营养素的流失  无论是谷物还是豆类,在它们的外面都包裹着一层表皮,这表皮的存在,起到了隔绝氧气、紫外线和微生物的作用,很好地保护了Nutrients in food.
Once the ingredients are broken, the various nutrients contained in them are directly exposed to the air, which is attacked by oxygen, ultraviolet rays and microorganisms. The B vitamins in the ingredients may be affected by temperature, oxygen, ultraviolet rays, microorganisms, etc.Part of the loss of factors, such as black sesame seeds, peanuts, walnuts and other ingredients in the fat may also be slightly rancid under the influence of these factors, obviously, this is unfavorable for the nutritional value of food.
  In addition, if the health powder is improperly stored, it is also prone to water absorption, agglomeration, moisture, and mildew.
The health powder is similar to wheat flour. It is originally dry, not easy to agglomerate, and will not be mildewed. However, the health powder after water absorption and moisture will be prone to agglomeration and mildew due to the increase of moisture content, and agglomeration will affect the health powder.The taste, mildew, will create a safety hazard.
  Therefore, if you buy a body-building powder at home, be sure to pay attention to sealing, low temperature, and protection from light.
At the same time, it is best not to save time when buying, to buy a lot at a time, to achieve “small purchase, as soon as possible” to reduce the loss of nutrients, to avoid agglomeration, mildew.
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