How to repair sunburn after sunburn to soothe skin

How to repair sunburn after sunburn to soothe skin

In the summer, when the hot sun shines, the ultraviolet rays become more and more intense, ruthlessly bakes the ground and sunburns people’s skin.

After one day, human skin becomes red and red, so repairing after the sun becomes more important. Doing good work can keep your skin white.

  The mood is “slowly” relaxed and relaxed — Wow, I’m so anxious, do you want to relax?

Yes, not only after-sun repair, any skin care work should be done in a calm state of mind, the effect will be ideal, and mistakes will be avoided.

Back from the outside, first sit down and take a breath and drink a glass of water. The hot flushes at both ends have faded in half.

  The face “slowly” cooled down — came back to God, touched his face, tingling hotly.

Hurry up and put on ice.

Wrong, the rapid alternation of hot and cold will irritate the sunburned skin.

At this time, let the temperature of the whole person first drop down — take a warm bath (avoid the face), or quietly drink a cold drink and blow.

  Cleansing — Then start face cleaning.

The water temperature should be similar to the skin temperature, and the technique should be gentle.

After cleaning, use a soft towel to dry the water instead of wiping it.

  Sunburn calms down “slowly”-this next step is very important.

You can soak the paper mask with pure water. The paper mask must be fully infiltrated, and it should be “hydrated” in time when it is dry.

Committed to a calming skin effect.

  Whitening repair case 1, long-lasting whitening care Long-lasting whitening care needs to be done every day.

After cleansing the skin at night, pat on the lotion and gently pat the active skin cells, and then use a sun lotion containing whitening essence to help the sun-burned skin recover.

  2. Must-have whitening essence Although the ultraviolet rays in autumn are not as violent as in summer, they will increase skin melanin, deepen skin tone, penetrate deeper into the skin, damage the supporting structure of the skin, and make the skin age.

  3, a lot of water to add oil in the summer is easy to produce oil on the surface, the skin can only be dehydrated.

Therefore, the best choice for skin care products is to have both whitening, moisturizing and nutritional functions.

Insist on making a mask, except using a deep cleansing or oil control mask, apply it every week?
Hydrate the mask twice to moisturize the cells and tissues that are “waiting to drink”.

  4, strengthen the keratin repair keratin damage, the skin is difficult to restore health.

  5, oral vitamin C Vitamin C can effectively inhibit melanin regeneration.

  Whitening is “slowly” performed. Orientals are most afraid of tanning, so they can’t wait to be whitened after tanning.

However, even if the skin is red and the swelling is not obvious, there will be small wounds that are invisible to the naked eye. Small skin wounds. Immediate use of acidic whitening products is likely to cause allergy or sensitivity.

Therefore, after calming the skin, when applying a mild moisturizing or repairing product immediately, the whitening product is best to wait a few hours before going to bed.

  After the sun, the skin is “rushed” to repair, and I said slowly, why is it urgent now?

Of course, some work is urgent.

If you think that the skin will naturally turn white and recover anyway when it cools down, then carefully take the “old” of the skin empty, aging, spots, and dry after a few years . together, “accounting for after the autumn”, you will lose your skinIf the mountain fell.

  Facial masks rush to moisturize the sun-skinned skin, and most of them need water to reduce fire.

After “drinking” enough water, pure water, skin toner, etc. to calm the skin, you can make a moisturizing mask with soothing function; if the skin is not burning, redness, swelling, you can also apply directly.

  If the skin condition is good, apply a layer of moisturizing essence, repair essence, and then apply a mask, the effect will be better.

In general, hydration is the most necessary repair work after sun exposure. After the mask, you should also apply a moisturizing cream with good moisturizing performance.

  After-sun exposure “Urgently” using the special after-sun repair products is the most convenient after-sun repair method.

  Night care is very important. Skin care is very important at night. Cleansing must be thorough. First, clean the face thoroughly with warm water and cleansing milk. Use alcohol-free lotion to further cleanse and rehydrate the skin;A strong night cream, and appropriate hot compress to let its nutrients penetrate into the deep layers of the skin.

  There are two concepts for “urgent” repair of “night” at night.

One refers to the maintenance during sleep. In summer, many people are afraid of “inserting pores” and often patted a layer of water to sleep.
In fact, the skin is tiny and sun-baked all day long, and nutritional supplements are very needed. A single layer of lotion is not enough.
And from 10 in the evening to 2 in the morning, it is the best time for self-repair of the skin. If you can’t get a good recovery, you have to fatigue and resist the sun next day.Will obviously become sluggish and lifeless.

  Another concept refers to further night whitening repairs.

Whitening sun protection.

In addition to whitening night cream or night essence, in addition to continuous whitening, it also has the effect of repairing UV damage to the skin.

  Usually pay more attention to your diet: 1, less food to replace tyrosine.

Because tyrosine is the basic substance of melanin.

In other words, melanin is converted from tyrosine by the action of tyrosinase.

If there is less caseinine, then there are fewer basic substances for melanin synthesis, and the skin can turn white.

So eat less casein tyrosine foods, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes and so on.

  2, intake of vitamin C foods.

Chemical experiments have shown that a series of reactions to melanin formation are mostly oxidation reactions, but when vitamin C is added, the formation of melanin can be blocked.

Therefore, eat more vitamin C foods, such as jujube, fresh dates, tomatoes, prickly pear, citrus, fresh green leafy vegetables and so on.

  3. Pay attention to foods supplemented with vitamin E.

Modern scientific research proves that vitamin E is an antioxidant in the human body, especially trace amounts of antioxidants, which can inhibit the peroxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and other compounds.

The lipofuscin in the human body is a peroxide of unsaturated fatty acids.

Vitamin E has an inhibitory effect and a peroxidation effect, which effectively resists the deposition of lipofuscin on the skin and keeps the skin fair.

Vitamin E also has anti-aging effects.

Foods with obvious vitamin E include cabbage, cauliflower, sesame oil, sesame, sunflower seeds, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil and so on.