Fear of boss trying to adjust breathing

Fear of boss trying to adjust breathing

Zhao Xiaoyu (pseudonym) is a research and development staff of an IT company, with an introverted and sensitive personality.

He is in peace with most of his colleagues, but has an inexplicable aversion to Huang Rongyong (a pseudonym), the R & D manager.

On several occasions, his procedure went wrong, and he was abused by Huang Dayong several times in public, which made him very hurt. Once he heard Huang’s voice in the corridor, he wanted to throw up and vomit, and his body was tight.

This situation has lasted for more than six months, which seriously affected his work efficiency and mood.

  Dr. Huang Dayi said that Zhao Xiaoyu’s situation was caused by self-negative cues.

The leader criticized him for his work, negating the effect of his work, not his personality.

Despite his severe attitude, he could not overcome the generalization of this criticism, and thus doubted whether the leader “disliked me as a person” and “the promotion is not going on anymore”.

These are all negative self-suggestions.

If the leader feels bad intentions because of this, and always has something to do with himself, it changes the objectivity even more.

Some people even doubt their own ability and character, which is even more illogical.

“You know, people rarely do things that are bad to you.

Dr. Huang Dayi said.

  In this regard, Dr. Huang said that specific techniques can be used to reduce Zhao Xiaoyu’s sensitivity to leadership, and a self-suggestive pressure reduction scheme is used: at home, find a quiet room and moment, sit down and relax from the right, And then relax the remedy in turn, shoulders, upper arms, forearms, hands, waist, thighs, calves, feet, until the whole body is relaxed.

Then imagine the colleagues around you, observe your breathing carefully, when you think of someone, you feel your breathing hastened, then stop and take a deep breath to slow down the breathing rate.

Repeatedly, until he thought of him again, his breathing was no longer rapid.

With physical changes, psychological feelings will change accordingly.