Easy yoga removes excess meat easily

Easy yoga removes excess meat easily

Here are a few simple movements: 1. Put your legs apart slightly wider than your shoulders, and evenly breathe; lift your heels to make your leg muscles tight, buttocks, abdomen and chest, hands up, palms up, fingers straightPoint to the sky and do your best for a few minutes.

  2, reset, close your feet together, bend over, land on both hands, leg muscles try to pull away.

  3, half-lying, legs raised up, can be crossed back and forth.

  4, sit up straight, legs close together, press down on itself.

  5. Put up your upper body, mix your breath, keep moving, and rest for 5 minutes.

  Note: 1. The weight should be increased step by step. Do not rush to achieve success or not add load. Otherwise, the purpose of exercise cannot be achieved.

  2. These movements can be used for leisure exercises. The speed can be performed according to the physical strength at the time, but it must be according to the time and number of times prescribed by the coach.

  3, when doing yoga exercises, you should persist for a few minutes after each movement in place.