How to solve your baby’s 6 common sleep troubles

How to solve your baby’s 6 common sleep troubles

Sleep is too important for babies who are growing fast, but some babies often have some sleep troubles, which makes moms anxious, how to solve it?

  Sleep trouble 1: Baby can’t wean at night when he is more than 1 year old.

  Solution: 1.
If the baby has formed the habit of feeding at night, Mummy should not be too rushed when correcting.

When the baby wakes up for the first time after he goes to sleep, mommy can hold the baby first, talk to him in a friendly language, and gently stroke his back or rub his belly. These methods includeHelps divert the baby’s focus on breastfeeding, allowing him to fall asleep as soon as possible.

If the baby is still crying after soothing, Mommy should not rush to compromise, you can let him cry for one or two minutes before soothing.

But after a few minutes, the baby still cried relentlessly, so he took a little longer to care for him, and must not meet his requirements soon.

  3.Develop good substitution habits.

For example, try to feed dinner as much as possible and give your baby a bottle of milk before going to bed. Once you get into the habit, your baby can sleep at night without feeding.

  Sleep trouble 2.
Every day, the baby just refuses to go to bed and plays hard.

  Solution: 1.
In order to avoid the baby unwilling to go to bed at night, one is not to let the baby sleep too much during the day, and the other is to take him outdoors to do more sports-based games, let him jump around and vigorously move his body.
  2.At night, Mummy should pay attention to play some games with little activity with the baby, so as not to stimulate the baby too excited, which is not conducive to the baby’s sleep.

  3.Once habits are established, it is more difficult to correct them.

Therefore, when cultivating the baby’s good habit of sleeping on time at night, it is necessary to provide some rewards.

  Sleep trouble 3: Baby always doesn’t sleep well at night and often wakes up.

  Solution: 1.
First of all, find out the reasons why the baby is afraid and worried. For example, the baby is worried about her mum leaving. The mum can read or tell a story to the baby 1 hour before going to bed.To convey to him, let him sleep peacefully.

When you see your baby always waking up at night, don’t always hold it up for comfort or breastfeeding. Once this reflection is formed, it will be difficult to eliminate it, which will greatly affect the mom’s energy to take care of the baby.

  3.It’s best to have 3-4 hours before bedtime to keep your baby awake, do a full body massage, talk about picture books, music, and put a little flannel toy by the bed to let him play for a while, this will make the baby relax.

  4.The following methods can also be tried by moms, that is, make the baby have a clear difference between the day and night environment, such as darken the room at night and quiet; put the baby directly on the bed to let him fall asleep naturally; treat the babyWaking up at night, the mother should not breastfeed immediately, or use diapers and other things to distract the baby. In this way, you can gradually adjust the baby to a normal sleep state.

  Sleep trouble 4: Baby always steps on the quilt when he sleeps at night, and his belly often catches cold.

  Solution: 1.
If the baby often kicks the quilt at night, the lower abdomen will catch cold easily, which may cause diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Therefore, the baby’s room temperature should be appropriate while sleeping2.
Don’t let your baby get too excited before going to bed, so the baby will step on the quilt because he doesn’t sleep well.

In addition, try not to wear clothes to your baby while sleeping, and cover the quilt lightly, which will make your baby sleep more comfortably.

In the season with large temperature difference, in order to prevent the baby from stepping on the quilt and getting cold, it is best to wear a small bellyband for the baby while sleeping.

If the baby can’t change the problem of stepping on the quilt, press a small pillow on both sides of his quilt when he sleeps, so it won’t be easy for the baby to step on the quilt.

  Sleep trouble 5: Baby sleeps more during the day, but not sleep well at night.

  Solution: 1.
If the baby sleeps a lot during the day and gets too excited at night, it is often referred to as “sleep down”.

You can try to wake up your baby and sleep less every morning or afternoon, especially don’t let your baby sleep after 5-6 pm.

  2.Every day during the day, try to keep the room brighter, and often play some pleasant music.
When the baby wakes up, talk to him or play games, etc., try to extend the baby’s excitement during the day; at about 8 o’clock in the evening, start to wake up the sleeping atmosphere for the baby, the baby may feel tired and soon fall asleep.

  3.The baby has a sleep sensation phenomenon. Mommy should not be upset and irritable at first. This will only cause the baby’s nervous system to be strongly stimulated and lose the sense of sleep security, making it more difficult to fall asleep at night.

  Sleep trouble 6: The baby always allocates him to sleep, crying as soon as he lays down, and refuses to fall asleep.

  Solution: 1.
Certain diseases can affect your baby’s sleep. The most common is vitamin D deficiency rickets. Babies under 1 year old, especially those within 6 months, often don’t fall asleep easily when rickets occur. They will suddenly wake up after falling asleep.Crying more than once, ask the doctor for treatment.

If the effects of rickets are ruled out, for babies under 1 year old, mommy can hug and accompany him appropriately. Baby needs the touch of affection, such as newborns, to be touched, especially by newborns.Quieting and increasing drowsiness can also prevent startle reflexes in newborns, but don’t let your baby develop habits.

If the baby has formed a habit of allowing or accompanying sleep, be sure to correct this habit.

For example, try not to hold him while he is sleeping. This kind of baby will not be used to crying, but if mommy persists, maybe the baby will cry for 20-30 minutes on the first day and only 10 minutes the next dayThree days may not cry at all, and gradually change the habit of sleeping exclusively.