If you appreciate each other, say it boldly.


If you appreciate each other, say it boldly.

Very unexpected, received her E-mail, she said she read my book, very moved, crying for the middle of the night, want to talk to me.

銆€銆€She said that she has been avoiding me before, because I have embarked on a literary road that she is longing for but she has not gone. My words are delicate and moving, my life is colorful, and she has been tortured by circuit and chip design.Like a laity, she is a little jealous of me.

After these years, she admitted her embarrassment, she laughed and watched her eyes.

銆€銆€After reading her letter, I sat in front of the computer for a long time, and my heart was in full swing.

銆€銆€She is one of my high school classmates. I have always admired her. Her composition is so good, singing is so good, English is so fluent, and her science is very good.

She is so good that the whole class of boys are willing to go down the wind, and she is so jealous that she is excellent.

So I have been avoiding her.

銆€銆€In high school for three years, we didn’t have any contact. In the same classroom, we almost never said a word.

I even think that we are not a person at all.

銆€銆€After graduating, she entered a very good university, read a very good major, took the highest scholarship, heard the news, and shouted that she was a daunting.

And she has often seen my novels from magazines, searched my text on the Internet to read, and she is more envious of my free-spirited people.

銆€銆€For so many years, we have been worried about each other and admired each other, but it was not until we met nine years later that we had the first exchange.

銆€銆€Although it is a bit late, it is not too late.

I gave her back a letter that was equally long, and the excitement and happiness that could not be suppressed was passed to her through the characters.

At the moment when the letter was sent out, I felt that it was easy to replace the burden for many years, because I could finally face her, no longer timid, no longer humble, no secrets, and very transparent to each other. This feeling is very good.

銆€銆€The relationship between girls and girls is subtle.

Sometimes two people look so good, but they hide the real thoughts deeply.

Some people seem to be alienated, but they are watching each other silently, eager to communicate and dare not take this step.

The girls’ minds are very detailed. Compared with the boys’, the girls are much more complicated, but they are often emotionally rich, but they are ashamed to express their feelings.

Therefore, girls usually only have a few close friends. These close friends are likely to be at the same table or neighbors or bunk beds because of their long history.

Unlike boys and friends, there are a lot of friends because they express emotions simply and directly.

銆€銆€I posted the letter from me and the high school classmate on the BLOG. A little girl said that after her classmates saw it, she cried because her classmates and hers were in such a situation. They embraced each other and were jealous.Admitted, so that the two people who are most likely to become good friends will eventually become strangers.

銆€銆€Sometimes think about it, people can meet, can sit in a classroom for so many years, is a fate, and if the hearts of two people have always existed, then this fate is even more rare.

If you appreciate each other, then let’s say it boldly. Don’t let the secret bury it for many years and become a pity.