Six major tips to teach you how to eat healthy


Six major tips to teach you how to eat healthy

People eat food for the day, can eat is a blessing, but for a continuous increase in age, the elderly have no good appetite for young people, poor digestion, poor absorption, then how to ensure healthy diet?

Especially for some elderly people with gastrointestinal diseases and digestive diseases, a similar healthy diet is the most correct.

銆€銆€One must say less: the meal is full, and there is no trouble.

The meaning is to say, do not eat too much every meal, to give the stomach a two-point space.

American studies have found that if humans often maintain two-year age, their life expectancy will increase by 20%?

銆€銆€Second, we must warm Chinese medicine, the spleen and stomach is the foundation of the day after tomorrow.

The stomach is dry and aversion to cold, so avoid the cold food stimulation of ice and warm food.

However, it should be noted that warm food is not equal to hot food. Frequently eating hot food will damage the esophagus and is one of the causes of esophageal cancer.

銆€銆€Third, the so-called “early” early, is to eat at that point of eating, in general, 7 am?
9 o’clock is the time when the stomach is ordered, so breakfast is best arranged at this time.

Chinese medicine said that “the stomach is not upright and restless”, so dinner is also trying to eat early, so that it will not increase the burden on the stomach.

銆€銆€The fourth is to warm this “warm”, unlike the second warm.

This “warm” means to chew slowly, so that it can fully absorb nutrients, protect the stomach and promote digestion.

There is also the desire to focus on eating as a pleasant thing, don’t eat too tired.

銆€銆€Five to soft the elderly teeth is not good, the spleen and stomach are weak, it is appropriate to “eat soft and not eat hard”, the so-called “hard food”, in addition to the hard fruit items, but also fried fried, fat and greasyClass of poorly digestible food.

銆€銆€Six to light the elderly should not eat too greasy food.

Light, it is less oil, less salt and less processing, because the Chinese people now eat too much salt and cooking oil, causing high blood lipids, high blood pressure and other diseases are increasing.

Therefore, the elderly should eat lighter.

銆€銆€The essence of a healthy diet must be said without a small editor.

Old friends must keep in mind the above mentioned, help to protect their stomach.