Learn these four health care methods


Learn these four health care methods

To adjust the kidney yin to make excessive menstrual flow, often cold waist pain, sexual indifference, should be timely nursed kidney, women should more kidney yin, enhance resistance.

You can eat more kidney foods such as medlar, yam, longan, and walnut.

Also often eat a little Chinese medicine: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan.

If the yin deficiency fires, you can eat Zhibai Dihuang Wan, kidney yang deficiency and low back pain can eat gold deficiency kidney gas pills.

Do not wear too high a heel, do not wear too high shoes, easily increase the fatigue of the waist, for a long time, the walker reduced less wear.

At the same time, during the physiological period, you can wear low waist pants during breastfeeding.

The waist muscles should be exercised, the yoga, jogging, etc. can exercise to the waist muscles. At the same time, you can often twist your waist and do the swallow flying in bed before going to bed.

For sedentary office workers, you can do chest movements every other time every day (at this time, the elbows should be flat), and lean back and pull up.

In the four seasons to keep warm during menstruation, giving birth to children can hurt the kidneys. Therefore, women should always pay attention to the warmth of the waist.

During the confinement period, wear long clothes to protect the waist, so as not to cause low back pain in the month.