Fifteen tips to help you succeed in pregnancy


Fifteen tips to help you succeed in pregnancy

The sperm and egg are 12-24 hours. This number is the survival time of the egg.

The egg has the strongest fertilization ability. Within 24 hours after ovulation, the egg enters the fallopian tube. If the sperm meets within 24 hours, the sperm and the egg can be combined with fertilization. If the sperm and the egg lose the opportunity at this stage, thenThe egg dies as it loses its ability to fertilize.

So in general, only 1 before and after ovulation?
2 months in the same room, in order to have the possibility of pregnancy.

This number is 2-3 days is the survival time of sperm in women.

Although sperm can only survive for a few minutes in the natural environment in vitro, the survival time in women can last up to 3 days. The magic time difference also provides more possibilities for sperm and egg to meet and fertilize.

6-7 days This is the time required for the fertilized egg to complete the implantation.

Many people don’t know how long it takes for sperm to combine with the egg, and how long it takes for the sperm to combine with the egg.

First, the fertilization process takes 24 hours, and on the 6th-7th day after fertilization, the blastocyst begins to implant.

The implantation position is more than 1/3 of the uterus. Implantation means that the implant has been placed, and the placenta is formed, and the fetus is born.

The secret of the menstrual cycle and ovulation period 14 days If the menstrual cycle is regular, the ovulation period of women is generally about 14 days before the next menstrual cramp.

The first 5 days and the last 4 days of the ovulation day, plus a total of 10 days inside the ovulation day, is called the ovulation period.

During this time, the growth of luteinizing hormone is promoted and the egg is excreted.

At the same time, the cervical mucus becomes lubricated, making it easier for sperm to meet the egg.

The 7-day figure is the effective time of conception during ovulation.

In general, egg survival time does not exceed 3 days, and sperm survival time in women generally does not exceed 4 days.

That is to say, the effective conception time of ovulation is generally 5 days before ovulation, because sperm can survive in women for up to 5 days, and 2 days after ovulation, because eggs can only survive in women for 2 days after discharge.That is to say, the effective conception time is usually about 7 days.



Your body temperature will rise by 0 during the ovulation period at 5 掳C.


At 5 掳 C, ovulation generally occurs before or during the rise in body temperature.

The basal body temperature of women generally changes during the ovulation period. In the first half of the female menstrual cycle, the change in body temperature is 36.

Below 6 degrees, after ovulation, it will be transferred to the second half of the menstrual cycle. The normal body temperature is higher than the first half, and the normal change is 36.

Between 6 degrees and 37 degrees, if the temperature rise indicates that the ovulation has occurred, the body temperature of the woman will decrease again after about two weeks of high temperature.

Time to conception: When is the most likely pregnancy 17: -19 points This number is the best time to conceive within a day.

Italian scientist Khanage pointed out that scientific research has long found that hormones play a key role in influencing women’s conception. It causes most women’s ovulation to concentrate in the afternoon 5?
7 o’clock (17: -19 o’clock) this time.

The scientist also found through experiments that the age of 28 is not to be over 28 years old.

Because of the age increase, people’s growth ability is declining. Every year, late pregnancy, egg quality declines, and the probability of distorted deformity increases.

At the same time, it is not conducive to timely discovery of the problem, thus increasing the difficulty of treatment.

In general, the offspring of men born between the ages of 30 and 35 are the best; physiologists recognize that women between the ages of 23 and 28 are the best ages to be born, during which women develop fully matureThe quality of the egg is high. If the fetus breeds, the female has fewer complications, the risk of childbirth is small, the seed growth and development is good, and the incidence of premature birth, deformed child and dementia is the lowest.

August-September-September is the best month of pregnancy in a year.

From a medical point of view, there are three key periods for development and development: one is the brain formation period, that is, the third month of conception; the second is the brain cell division stage, after the sixth month of conception; the third is the cell development coordination period, the third stage of conception- 9 months.

If you choose to conceive between August and September, the third, sixth, and childbirth of pregnancy are in a good climate, the nutrition is easy to deploy in the late autumn, the mid-spring, the voltage of the nervous system can be well developed.

Pregnancy probability: How to improve the pregnancy success rate of 24BMI index of 24 women, the success rate of pregnancy is high.

A US study found that women with a BMI of nearly 24 had a pregnancy rate that was a couple of other women.

What is your BMI index?
In fact, it is also very simple. The formula is: BMI index = weight (kg) 梅 height (m) 2 Actually, the BMI index is 24, which is a slightly fat figure. If your index is just 24, don’t lose weight.Distressed to lose weight, keep this body, because it will make you more likely to conceive than others.

For every 10 kg increase in 10% of women who are thinner, the chance of pregnancy increases by 10%.
Therefore, it is important to control your weight before pregnancy.
According to the above, you can set the standard weight for the most pregnancies as BMI = 24, if
<24>24, then properly lose weight.
However, keep in mind that if you are over-obese or too thin, your chances of conception will decrease accordingly.
7% This is the chance that twin women will regenerate twins during pregnancy.
Scientists surveyed the family of twins and found that 4% of twins have twins and only 1.
7% of the twins have their fathers twins.
The genes that can be pregnant with twins are mainly on the mother’s side. Women who are twins themselves have a twin pregnancy rate of 1.
7%, on the contrary, the probability of a female twin who is not a twin and whose parents are twins is 0.
If the mother is a twin, then the chances of regenerating the twins are as high as 1.
The secret of body conditioning before pregnancy is 400 micrograms. This is the number of folic acid that you can’t exceed every day during pregnancy.
Although different people have different requirements for folic acid supplementation, experts also believe that folic acid supplementation is not much better. If too much folic acid is added, it will be self-defeating and cause side effects.
Taking more than 350mg of folic acid tablets may affect the absorption of zinc. The lack of zinc may lead to the developmental delay of the fetus, and the increase of low birth weight, and some people may have anorexia, bloating, nausea and other gastrointestinal problems when taking large doses of folic acid for a long time. Finally, make upTry folic acid as much as possible, and eat more green leafy vegetables.
20% of men smoke more than 30 cigarettes a day, the proportion of abnormal sperm is more than 20%, and the longer the smoking time, the more abnormal sperm.
After stopping smoking for half a year, the sperm can return to normal.
If both parties or one of the couples smoke regularly before pregnancy, the harmful components of the tobacco will enter the reproductive system through the blood circulation, and the toxic effects will occur directly or indirectly.
Therefore, both husband and wife who are preparing to become pregnant should quit smoking at least three months before pregnancy.
5-10 do sit-ups 5-10 times a day before pregnancy can improve your fertility.
Some women do not like sports. Some experts say that if you do more foot exercises, you can strengthen the blood circulation in the lower abdomen, reduce the discomfort caused by prolonged sitting posture, and avoid brain congestion.
Doing sit-ups 5-10 times a day can strengthen the strength of the rectus abdominis.
The weakness of the rectus abdominis is a sign of poor physical strength, and is also related to the physiological functions of Renmai and the uterus.
Therefore, more exercise can enhance the fertility, which is very helpful for the physical load and production of pregnancy in the future.