Jam exfoliating skin care is full of joy_1

Jam exfoliating skin care is full of joy

Modern cosmetics are becoming more and more exquisite.

If you have used a lot of exfoliating products, you will gradually find that their thickness and fragrance are like very attractive foods, in order to make the skin care process full of joy.

  If the exfoliating cream is too violent, you can add water to moisturize your body first.

  Exfoliating products must be used on areas with thick skin like elbows.

  ELANCYL Yilan fiber posture scrub revitalizing gel 188 yuan / 150ml 1.

JURLIQUE Seed Sweet Sauce Particle Size: ★★★ Cleaning Ability: ★★★★ Viscosity Index: ★★★★★ Editor’s Comment: This product contains a lot of plant ingredients, looks like plum sauce, contains in the gelRich fine particles, the main function is oil resistance, whitening and astringent pores, the feeling is very refreshing after use, in addition, the plant essential oil ingredients make it very moisturizing, the skin is obviously soft after use.

  Sephora Sugar Body Scrub 149 yuan / 200ml 2.

YVESROCHER love green papaya particle size: ★ ★ cleaning ability: ★ ★ ★ ★ stickiness index: ★ ★ ★ Editor’s review: This is a plant product, especially maple juice essence and white clay, the texture can flow like sand iceAnd the particles are delicate, it is very refreshing to use, and it effectively removes impurities in the pores.

  JURLIQUE Tea Tree Exfoliating Body Scrub 420 yuan / 300ml 3.

ELANCYL: The size of the particles: ★★★★ Cleaning ability: ★★★★ Viscosity index: ★★★ Editor’s comment: The products with large particles and strong cleaning power can be clearly seen in the frosted particles, but as a medicated makeup product, Security is trustworthy.

Contains natural ivy extract to cleanse skin and eliminate dead skin on the surface.

  H2O Shuizhi O Cranberry Pomegranate Moisturizing Scrub Curry 210 Yuan / 240ml 4.

H2O pink raspberry particle size: ★★★ Cleaning ability: ★★★★ Viscosity index: ★★★★★ Editor’s review: One of the most seductive of several products, the red area is like deliciousRaspberry jam, with its sweet and sweet flavor, is even more mouthwatering.

After washing, the skin is obviously smooth and tender, and it is easy to clean without feeling sticky.

  DIOR slimming slimming 490 yuan / 200ml 5.

DIOR particle size: ★★ Cleaning ability: ★★★★ Viscosity index: ★★★★ Editor’s comment: This product uses the dual ingredients of physical scrub and chemical scrub, and its volume is thinner and thinner than other scrub products.The ingredient is gum arabic, which is said to ensure that even the most sensitive skin is gentle and effective.

In terms of taste, it has no flower head and is a normal mint flavor.

  YVES ROCHER Hydra Moisturizing Scrub 120ml / 150ml 6.

SEPHORA sweet yellow sugar particle size: ★★★★★ Cleaning ability: ★★★★★ Viscosity index: ★ Editor’s comment: Most of them are very unique, just like ordinary yellow sugar, and they are basically solid products.

Cane sugar and almond oil are used as raw materials, which can be used directly on dry skin, and it will gradually melt.