Five steps for spring skin whitening and moisturizing_1

Five steps for spring skin whitening and moisturizing

Introduction: There are too many homework to do in the spring. A series of tasks such as weight loss, moisturizing, and whitening are really a headache.

Counting in five areas, spring whitening is faster.

  First, exfoliating, we must first understand why the skin becomes black?

That’s because the skin’s metabolism is too slow, dry, or the dirt on the skin, the oil is not cleaned in time, and the skin’s melanin is precipitated, and more and more melanin is taken for granted, and the skin becomes black, which eventually leads to the cuticle.It becomes thicker and thicker, and the skin has a renewal cycle. In 7 days, we will exfoliate the skin, so as to lay a good foundation for the subsequent absorption of whitening products.

  Exfoliating issues need to pay attention to: 1. Choose different exfoliating products according to different skin types.

Exfoliating products for dry skin are best substitutes for gel powders, and blended and oily skins are better alternatives to scrub flakes.

  2. Remove makeup before exfoliating.

This can clean up what remains on the skin surface, and also form a protective film on the skin.

  Second, cleansing products are divided by face. For any skin, it is best that we can replace different cleansing products in different areas of the face.

For T-zones with relatively high oiliness, we can use cleansing products with rich foam, while for relatively dry cheeks, we can use creamy cleansing.

  Third, before the whitening treatment, the skin needs to be moisturized with a spray to moisturize the skin due to the loss of moisture after the skin is cleaned, so that the skin is maintained in a relatively stable state.

The choice of spray is best not to have any effect, it is just a simple moisturizing effect, so as to lay a foundation for the subsequent absorption of whitening products.

Because only when the skin’s moisture level is above 80%, the absorption of subsequent whitening products can reach above 50%.

  Fourth, use a moisturizing lotion containing whitening ingredients. This can reduce the transfer of melanin and inhibit the growth of melanin. When using a whitening lotion, you must use a cotton pad to follow the growth direction of the pores to quickly absorb the whitening nutrients.

Long-term use of moisturizing and whitening conditioning products can increase the volume of the skin, while leaving the skin white, and also make the skin skin transparent, and after the water and fat balance, it is easier for the skin care products to absorb.

  V. Essential Whitening Essence Essence is used after lotion. At present, it is mainly vitamin C, kojic acid, vitamin B3, etc. Its function can not only whiten, repair, but also nourish the skin. If you choose the right oneThe essence of the skin, usually after 4-8 weeks, you can see the whitening effect.