Don’t sleep when you wake up

Don’t sleep when you wake up

Do n’t cover your head and sleep. Because of the cold, many people are afraid of getting cold on their heads. They like to sleep with their heads covered.Circulation.

Over time, it will lead to hypoxia, cause poor sleep, and make it easy to have nightmares.

After waking up, you may feel dizzy, fatigued, and depressed.

  Don’t Sleep Relatively Some family members, such as couples, mothers and children, often sleep relative to each other.

This will cause the gas inhaled by one party to be mainly the exhaust gas exhaled by the other party, the brain produces fresh oxygen or insufficient oxygen supply, and it is also likely to cause insomnia, dreaming, dizziness, fatigue and apathy after waking.

  Don’t sleep barefoot. Some people have a sleeping habit of exposing their shoulders outside the quilt. It is not known that the weather is extremely cold in winter, and the cold can easily invade the shoulder joints of the human body, causing rheumatism, arthritis, and joint pain.

It is also prone to colds due to wind and cold, causing breathing difficulties and dizziness and headache.

  Do not embrace and sleep In order to resist the cold, some couples are too intimate and like to sleep while hugging.

As everyone knows, due to local compression, muscle tension, poor blood flow, nerve compression, local or corresponding limb soreness, numbness, pain and so on.

It is easy to cause awakening, have nightmares, and greatly reduce sleep quality.

  Do n’t wear clothes and sleep. Some people are afraid of cold. When you sleep in winter, you like to wear clothes. You do n’t know that sleeping while wearing clothes will affect the skin’s gas exchange and is not good for its metabolism. Wrinkles or seams on clothes will bring a lot of discomfort to the body.