Job, I do not really easy to show

Job, I do not really easy to show

A trouble: too many translations, struggling graduates feel this test, fresh from the initial became tired, personality quizzes Shaoshao two, more than four or five pages, each filled with very time-consuming.

According to reports, fill in the time of a written consulting firm personality test questions more than 108, in order to fill out this test, each student takes more than 50 minutes.

Restructuring of several companies to do down, the job of college students said that if each company are doing, it is too hard for.

  Trouble two: repeat the answer, silly while at the same time, Lee students feel more boring to do is repeat the question.

He said that imitate the transformation of a company before asking, “You are some kind people in the eyes of the students?

“Under a business is another way to design a situation, then ask” how people think about you, “called the other repeated alternately appear repeatedly in several companies of test questions, the same piece of paper is also possibleAt the same time translation experience.

  Trouble 3: Obviously, another reason why the test students feel redundant is that it is useless-the test questions are too simple, and the testee can almost see through the alignment.

  According to tests done classmates summary of test questions are almost always examine students’ innovation, leadership, organizational skills and so on, and those who study the question is which direction do question the students are very easy to detect.

Mr. Luo of the Department of Administration and Management commented, “If I want to apply for a job, I have to speculate on the psychology of the employer and decide how to fill in the question from the perspective of the company.

For example, I want to hire job candidates marketing planner, that I face, ‘Are you some kind of a person in the eyes of others’ problems, will choose ‘good communication’, ‘creative’ type of option.

“As for the final results of the test are reflected, Luo students also skeptical:” To be honest, I think the test does not reflect my personality, because I know how to match up.

“Experts do not use sound business evaluation fashionable to question from students, assessment experts in Talent Shanghai Li Feng admitted that he had encountered many companies to follow the fashion, blindly use personality tests.

In the understanding of these companies, it seems that with the personality test, the grades and specifications of the companies have gone up.

According to reports, the moment there are a large number of companies to reduce costs, catch basket are food, just get hold of test questions to recruit people into battle, resulting in a student hit by a questionnaire in the same tests, personality assessment also affected studentsthe “integrity.”

Such test results of much use to recruit people, nature can be imagined.

  Do students get smart answer, even if in different ways, Li Feng of genuine ability and personality assessment is highly correlated with work or hold a positive attitude.

He said, “repeat the same translation piece of paper, in fact, is generally used to check the extent of student answer carefully.

“He warned the students a job, do some simple transition, do not think he is wise, in fact, the answer is not, as they thought, testing the pursuit of social concern also reflects the students in the end there is no secret.

“We want students to show the real you in doing title.

The employer is to select the most suitable candidate, and even into the fraud unit in the ability and personality tests, in the end still suffer themselves.