[Good women watch tertiary movies]

[Good women watch tertiary movies]

I’m a lascivious woman, and I’m brazen. I don’t think there is any shame. Women are also lascivious, but some people pretend to be serious, and some are just as frank as I am.

I like to watch pornographic things. When I played games at an Internet cafe, I saw a man watching a third-level movie next to me. I always stopped and stared at his computer until the other party was embarrassed to turn off the movie.I still have no idea.

Sometimes when I go to work, I browse the web and see tempting pictures of beautiful women or pornographic tips. I ca n’t help but go in, so my colleagues in the office often have to scream in my ears: My computer is poisoned by pornographic websites.

They have become accustomed to my shocking words and behaviors. They are so painful. Let ‘s use Rising to kill the virus!

What is wronged is that I still don’t know the difference between the third-level film and the A film. Later, a bad-hearted “good-hearted” man told me that the most popular film for the third-level film was Hong Kong director Wang Jing, the third-level film.The movie is that two people are undressed and seem to be having sex. In fact, there is no actual combat. The man did not insert it at all. The woman called the bed aloud and pretended.

A movie looks the best in Japan. The man has five short stature, long hair, and fierce. The woman is sexy, good at oral sex, and very passionate.

Women avoid taboo films, as if they dare not say whether their sex life is happy or not?

Today, I use the title of prostitute to write such a topic. It always attracts a lot of abuse from netizens, saying that I hurt someone X?

L shameless words.

And many netizens watching my blog posts, how many of them have never watched or peeked at a tertiary movie?

If it really isn’t, I can only tell you with sympathy. Your life is a pity and you are alive.