Can acne be picked with a needle?

Remove acne marks early


Can acne be picked with a needle?
Remove acne marks early

Acne, also known as acne or acne, is a common skin disease, especially in adolescents.

Since acne directly affects people’s image, too many people will try every means to quickly eliminate it after they find acne.

Squeezing, squeezing, picking, smearing various acne products, searching for remedies . These may be the methods tried by the “combat acne” family.

However, experts say that when dealing with acne, you must avoid quick successes and prevent recurrence.

Do not use irritating hormone products, as it will cause the skin to worsen and form a “hormone face”.

  Among the many acne treatment methods, although dermatologists have recurrent attacks, it is best not to pick the needle by yourself, but in fact, acne needle acne treatment is also a common acne treatment method in medicine.

Acne needle acne treatment needs to be carried out in accordance with scientific methods. Acne patients are best to go to medical institutions to find professional medical personnel for operation.

If you want to use acne needles to treat acne by yourself, you must pay attention to the following points: 1. First disinfect the acne needles with alcohol, immerse the acne needles in about 75% alcohol for about 20 minutes, and then wipe them with dry gauze.
  2. Pick the acne. Squeeze the acne with a needle to break through the epidermis, so that blackheads, acne, and acne turn up and break through the fibrous tissue under the skin.

When squeezing, place the acne opening in the middle of the circle and step down until the hole hits the edge of the steel wire.

If you can’t squeeze it all at once, you can turn to try.

  3. After picking up acne, use a cotton swab to treat acne wounds. After the wound is dry, wash it with clean water, then spray with pore shrink water.

  In the end, you should pay attention to the fact that there is no high temperature and the acne symptoms are not deep or shallow.

If the acne is not “maturity”, or if the acne is too deep or continuous without inflammation, it is best not to pick.

  Acne needles pick up acne. The biggest drawback is leaving acne marks and removing acne marks but leaving acne marks. Most people will encounter this situation. Girls must remember that the acne marks are removed as soon as possible.Here are some tips to speed up effective acne marks to help smooth your skin.

  Exfoliating on a regular basis If you insist on exfoliating on a regular basis every week, this is also very effective in reducing acne marks. Not only can it improve the pigmentation of acne marks, but it also has a whitening effect. After exfoliating, apply some whitening and moisturizing skin care.The product will absorb better, the skin foundation is good, and natural acne will no longer grow.

  Many people think that whitening products can only whiten whitening products. This is wrong. Whitening products can also diminish the presence of acne, so sticking to whitening products is also a good choice. It can reduce the presence of acne and acne marks.It may be whitening.