Door-to-door gene technology

Door-to-door gene technology

Psychologists go from house to house to find housewives, designate them to work for the Safe Driving Committee, and hope to get housewives’ support for this movement. Ask them to sign a petition. This petition willBecome a state senator and ask them to work for safe driving legislation.

Almost all the women requested agreed to sign.

  A few weeks later, different psychologists came to the house again and asked these signed housewives and some newly found housewives to put up a big, less beautiful sign in front of their yard, which read: “Drive carefully”.

As a result, more than 55% of the housewives who had previously agreed to sign the petition (a small request) agreed to put up the brand (a big request), while less than 17% of the housewives who had not signed before agreed.

Asking the housewife to agree to the original small request more than tripled the number of people who later followed the large request.

  The reason why this step-by-step approach to the ultimate goal is so powerful may be due to changes in the individual’s self-image in some ways.

  For example, in the experiments on safe driving, the housewives thought that they were not participating in social activities, did not sign petitions, and were not allowed to establish a sign. Even if someone came to the door, they did not agree with the request, but once someone agreed with a certain actualSmall demands that are difficult to reject can change one’s perception.

Since I agreed to this small request to sign the petition, I unknowingly joined the petition, so when the second request is made, it is possible to follow suit.

  Therefore, agreeing to and forcing a first small requirement changed the individual’s attitude towards themselves or to the activity itself, and the change weakened the individual’s confrontational mentality for similar activities, making it easier for the individual to obey the second large requirement.

This is the “door-to-door biological technology”. One foot is in, so why bother with the whole body?