Office worker doing bedside exercise

Office worker doing bedside exercise

After work every day, do you often feel back pain and just want to rest in bed?

The strain on the back muscles and back muscles must be faced by every office worker.

In addition to paying attention to posture while working, and often getting up a little bit, your bed can also become a “gym”.

Don’t just lie down, exercise.

  First style: Lie on the bed, hold your right leg with both hands, move the upper right side to the sides, close your head to the upper right side, stop for 5 seconds, change to the other side, and repeat 10 times.

Lie on the bed, hold your legs with both hands, approach towards the top, head closer to the top, stop for 5 seconds, and repeat 5 times.

  The second type: sit cross-legged, lean forward, stretch your upper arms straight forward, until you feel the muscles of your hips, and stop for 5 seconds. Before returning to the sitting position, you can put your elbows on top and slowly support your body., Repeat 5 times.
  The third type: sitting position, with your legs bent over your chest, your chin bent towards your hips, and then lying back slowly, rolling back and forth, relaxing, and repeating 5 times.

  Fourth style: Knees on the floor or bed, tighten your chin to your hips, arch your back, stop for 5 seconds, relax, and repeat 10 times.

  Fifth style: lie flat on the bed with the back flat against the surface of the bed, close your legs, turn to the right, stop for 5 seconds, turn to the tip, relax, and repeat 10 times.

  Sixth style: Lie on a flat bed, support the waist with both hands, slowly bring your legs over the head until you feel the waist, relax, and repeat 5 times.